The Cloud as a driver of agility and a catalyst for transformation

According to a study by IDC, the Cloud market will explode by 2020 with an expected increase of over 30% in France. Impacting every aspect of our society and our daily lives, the Cloud is also the activator of the digital revolution that is taking over companies, forcing them to adapt their solutions to the new uses. In such a challenging environment, you need to be ready to seize new opportunities. Sopra Steria's team of professionals will assist you through our integrated offer covering every aspect of your stragegy, from the strategic vision to day-to-day operations and excellence.  

The Cloud reshapes the company

There are many advantages to Cloud, SaaS, Paas or Iaas services: guaranteed accessibility, optimized costs, greater flexibility and easier access and sharing. Beyond the overall objective of achieving transformation through digital, there is now a need to structure the company to function "as a platform". Thanks to the Cloud it is now possible to profoundly reshape the organization of your entire information system and sometimes even the overall organization of your company. It is the perfect companion to the "as a platform" philosophy, enabling an overall "as a service" approach.

As an agility factor and a catalyst for transformation, the Cloud is an IT innovation force that  benefits every business line.

So the question is no longer whether to move to the Cloud, but how?

Sopra Steria Cloud Services: a comprehensive, integrated, business-oriented offer, covering the entire value chain, from strategic vision to operational excellence.

  • Speed and agility: we design your IT and Cloud strategy and commit to its implementation within the constraints of time, cost and security.
  • Migration: Cloud programs are multi-annual; we have a global vision, not hindered by "vertical silos", of the transformations to be carried out and their contribution to business management, all the while preserving the legacy systems.
  • HR Transformations: CIOs face the challenge of transforming their human resources. To improve flexibility and ease the transfer of know-how, our human and cultural proximity is a key asset.
  • Security: the Cloud can provide an important level of security, even higher than existing IT systems; for each activity, we inject the necessary level of security expertise.

Our Know-how

  • A twofold Cloud and business expertise: to support your project with our assets, we rely on our ability to combine all the strengths of our different businesses and expertise, spread across France and Europe, supported by our Sopra Steria Cloud Center of Excellence. Our multidisciplinary teams combine strategic consulting skills and new sourcing models, migration know-how and application modernization, wide-ranging expertise in private and public Cloud technologies as well as management and operations.
  • Our value proposition is resolutely time to market oriented, mobilizing transformation teams in agile mode, relying on specialized pools of business and technological expertise.
  • An innovative and market-exclusive "BizDevSecOps" approach: this new type of model, industrialized via a CI/CD approach (from Biz to Ops), guarantees that your cost and deadline commitments will be met.
  • A transformation adapted to the rhythm and priorities of your business, so as to guarantee a tailor-made implementation for you.

All these services are performed within a constant dimension of innovation and transformation. Each stage is associated with constant technological, regulatory and usage monitoring, co-innovation processes, referencing and selection of innovative partners, as well as experimentation capabilities, facilitating deployment on a scale. All through agile practices, DevOps, Scrum and SaFE.

If you are passionate about new technologies, digital transformation and its impact on business models, and you want to invent the usages of tomorrow,
come and join us!