Sopra Steria strengthens its international ambitions by partnering with FPT Software

Paris, June 20, 2019 - At the Paris Air Show, Sopra Steria, a European leader in digital transformation, announces a strategic partnership with FPT Software, a global IT services provider headquartered in Vietnam. Sharing the same strategic vision and benefiting from complementary geographical implementations, the two companies will be able to expand their international projects based on their sector and market expertise.


Driven by the deep transformation of the air transport sector, with the increase in the number of passengers, the evolution of their expectations or the emergence of new players such as SpaceX, Blue Origin or low-cost airlines, expectations in terms of aircraft production have never reached such heights. The transition to industry 4.0 appears today as the best solution to ensure and accelerate plant productivity.
New production methods can be implemented thanks to the integration of new technologies, in particular Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. The integration of these new technologies can only be achieved on a global scale, and it is in this context that Sopra Steria and FPT Software are joining forces to meet the challenges of their international clients, particularly in the aerospace sector with the Skywise platform developed by Airbus to optimize aircraft operations and maintenance.


By supporting the world's leading aerospace companies in their digital transformation through its dedicated Aeroline vertical team, Sopra Steria has acquired a strong expertise in this industry. Sopra Steria is committed on working alongside its clients to meet major challenges, such as increasing their production capacity, improving the supply chain and designing high value-added services.


"We are thrilled with this strategic partnership with FPT Software. It will enable us to meet the global challenges facing our clients, and will strengthen our presence in Asia in the aerospace sector, but also in other sectors experiencing digital transformation such as retail and transportation." commented Xavier Pecquet, Executive Director Key Accounts & Partnerships at Sopra Steria.


After two decades of leading Southeast Asia in IT services, FPT Software has recently decided to shift its focus onto digital transformation, looking to be named in the world’s Top 50 digital transformation service provider within ten years. The company has partnered with major airliners in Europe, the United States, and Vietnam to transform the global aviation industry through disruptive digital services and solutions.


"The alliance with Sopra Steria is in line with our strategy to become a global leader in digital transformation. The group's recognized expertise in Europe, combined with our breadth of technological skills will enable us to reengineer business process cross-sectors and borders," claimed Hoang Nam Tien, FPT Software Chairman.