Sopra Steria to attend the World ATM Congress 2016

Tuesday 8 March 2016

Sopra Steria will be on hand for the World ATM Congress to be held in Madrid on 8-10 March.

Sopra Steria to attend the World ATM Congress 2016

Sopra Steria will be presenting its offerings, expertise and innovations
in the field of air traffic.



The event will feature lectures and demonstrations.

On the agenda: 

  • A conference on “Making realistic and adaptive ATC simulations through machine learning techniques”, scheduled for 9 March 2016 at 5:05 pm, moderated by Didier Bosque, Innovation Director for the Commercial Division, and Sébastien Chabrier, Senior ATM Consultant. 
  • In response to the challenges facing its European ATM customers, Sopra Steria will have two innovations on display at its stand:
    • SVS (Shared Virtual Sky), a collaborative, standardized interoperability platform for validation and training as part of the SESAR programme. Experts from ENAC will be on hand to provide an immersive demonstration in the “Virtual Sky” developed by Sopra Steria.
    • EVAA, an innovative traffic generator based on adaptive multi-agent systems (AMAS). By providing visitors with an overview of its efforts to develop an innovative perspective on traffic generation, Sopra Steria aims to showcase the realistic and adaptive features of its EVAA solution.

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