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Paul came to us as an intern in 2018, and is now a permanent member of the team at Sopra Steria Rouen

Paul came to us as an intern in 2018, and is now a permanent member of the team at Sopra Steria Rouen

In February 2018 I left to go to Madrid for 6 months to complete my final year internship and get my compulsory overseas work experience signed off.

I had no accommodation, clung to my suitcase, and only spoke very basic Spanish – I didn’t know anything, or anyone. Back then, when the size of the adventure I was going on still hadn’t hit me, Google Maps was my best friend.


Then I started my internship at the service centre and met my colleagues on the Alcalà site. That was super reassuring as many of them spoke French, and they gave me plenty of advice and great directions around the city.

Suffice it to say that you’d never be bored there! There’s always something to do at any time of the day or night:  parties, night clubs, concerts, outings, exhibitions…

Fitting all that in alongside my internship was far from hard work: the atmosphere at work was great, and the work itself was interesting and I learnt a lot. Technically, obviously, but also in terms of methodology and organisation. My tutor supervised me really well, and was excellent in terms of ensuring I progressed on both a technical and a personal level.

This was about so much more than an internship: it was about friendships, the memories I leave behind, and an incredible city that it would have been a real shame not to get to know.

We’re so lucky that Sopra Steria makes this sort of experience possible. Madrid, ¡nos veremos de nuevo!


Manon came to us as an intern in 2017, and is now a permanent member of the team at the Barcelona Outsources Service Center

I arrived in the Barcelona Service Centre in April 2017 for a 5-month internship. 

I was made to feel welcome straight away, and my team worked hard to make sure I settled in well. I really felt like one of the team: I took on more and more responsibilities as I learnt on the job. 

I was really well-supervised, and had a technical manager on hand to explain things to me whenever I didn’t understand something.  There were also always people around who were happy to answer my questions about the job, as it’s really not that easy to take everything in when you arrive to a project that’s already under way. I think that completing an internship in a service centre like that is perfect, because you learn a lot and get mentored really well. 

This was my second internship in Barcelona – it’s such a vibrant city. There is so much to do there, it’s practically impossible to be bored. As a city it’s full of history and culture, and the community is really rich too as there are so many people living there from all over the world. There’s also no shortage of things to do – in terms of restaurants and bars, there’s something for everyone.

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Sylvain,an Application Development Engineer since 2017, is now a permanent member of the team at the Seville Outsources Service Center

I did my final year internship in Noida, in India. I wanted to find out more about a different way of working, and also a different culture. That internship taught me so much, on both a personal and a professional level. I signed a permanent contract with Sopra Steria after it had finished, and once I was back in France I found that the offshore contacts that I made there were really useful.

That was what made me want to work abroad, and I am now part of the Seville Service Centre in Spain.